Casual gaming at its finest.  Help That Frog catch some bugs down in the swamp.  How many can you catch before falling off the lily pad?

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Want to play a fun one touch frog game? Download That Frog for FREE. That Frog tells a story of a green frog in the middle of a swamp looking for critters and insects to eat with its long tongue. You need to help him to catch the flies, mosquitos, spiders, and other bugs. Give him the feeding frenzy he wants! Take care not to miss a bug or you have to start all over again, but catch a firefly for a special bonus.

If you’re looking for a fun and casual game, you’ve come to the right place! That Frog is a one touch game where you have to determine how long That Frog should extend its tongue to capture insects and critters. It looks easy at first but it can be challenging if you are not good at estimating how long you should hold on and then release so That Frog can catch the spiders or flies, or fireflies for a special bonus (which is its favorite food!)

* Download and play for FREE!
* One touch control: touch That Frog and hold as it lengthen its tongue. Release to let the frog catch the flying critters.
* Cool game design with 2D cartoon frog and insect characters.
* Catch various insects and critters such as flies, firefly, spiders, and many more.
* Simple to play but challenging to master.
* Don’t miss a bug in this frog feeding frenzy or you’ll be back to square one.
* Keep practicing to get a highscore and place yourself on our Leaderboard.

Although you might think that this is just another kids arcade game, this game is also fun for adults. Approximating how long you have to hold That Frog before releasing in this one touch game is not as easy as you think. You need to get the feel of the game before you can feed the critters and insects to the frog correctly.

So, accept this challenge. Download That Frog for FREE and start playing today!